Name: Judith Boda-Lazar

Position: President

Birth Place: Kolozsvar, Transylvania

Education: Accounting, Finances

Profession: Real Estate Agent

Judith immigrated to Canada with her family in 1991. She is the Secretary of the Orbán Balázs Society, and is an active member of the association.

She loves to spend her time with

her family and is also

an avid skier. 


Name: Dr. Adras Botond Fecso

Position: Vice-President  

Birth Place: Szekelyudvarhey, Transylvania

Education: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of


Profession: Surgeon

Andras immigrated to Canada with his family in 2009.  He is active in the local Hungarian community,as well as the Orban Balazs Society, and the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Parish. His professionalism extends beyond remedy and patient treatment to nurturing, developing and strengthening Hungarian culture in the diaspora. He spends his free time with his family

and friends. Andras also enjoys travel

and various excursions.


Name: Kedmenecz Alexandra

Position: Secretary-General

Birth Place:  Komlo

Education:   Social worker, Economist

Profession: Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist


Name: Erika Kacso

Position: Treasurer

Birth Place: Marosvasarhely, Transylvania

Education: Economist

Profession: Accountant

Name: Schneman Gabriela

Position: Cultural Director

Birth Place: Kiralyhelmec

Education: Registered Nurse, Felvidek

Profession: Curator, Office Mngr., Felvidek

Registered Medical Esthetician, Canada

Erika and her family have lived in Canada for 10 years. She enjoys spending her free time in nature as well as near the circle of her family and friends.




Name: Maros Toth

Position: Majordomo

Birth Place: 



Name: Andrew Komaromy

Position: Public Relations Director

Birth Place: Toronto, Canada

Education: Spatial Analysis, G

Profession: Technical Lead

: Ildiko has been living in Canada with her family since 1995. She is active in the life of the Hungarian Community and is a member of the Orban Balazs Society. She spends her free time sewing, reading and designing. She appreciates Folk Art.



Name: Jeno Nemeth

Position: Press and Publicity Director

Birth Place: Budapest, Hungary

Education: Agricultural Engineer, Specialization in Economics

Profession: Contractor

Jeno has been living in Canada with his family since 2002. He is a member of the Hungarian Canadian Engineers Society, and the Secretary of the Hungarian Hunters and Anglers Association

of Toronto.



Name: Thomas Gaspar

Position: Director of Youth Affairs and Sports

Birth Place: Toronto, Canada

Education: University Student

Thomas was a student of the Arany Janos Hungarian School at the HCCC. For the last 10 years he has been a performer in the Kodaly Dance Ensemble and for 3 years a member of its Executive. He is also a an Executive of St. Elisabeth Catholic Church’s Youth Club and the organizer of

the library at the church.



Name: Kinga Szekely-Flynn

Position: Director of Educational Affairs

Birth Place: Szatmarnemeti, Transylvania

Education: Computers, Fine Arts, Diplomas in Education

Profession: Teacher, School Principal

Kinga has lived in Canada since 1993 with her family. She has been the Principal of the Arany Janos Hungarian School since 2010. She is an author of Children’s books, illustrating her own works.